Executive Officer


To work with the ED and SMT to develop Pembroke House in line with the strategic plan

To take on specific tasks on behalf of the ED and SMT on matters ranging from strategy, to HR, new project activities, and funding

To research and develop ideas and briefing papers for the ED and SMT to support discussion and decision-making

To coordinate, track, and project-manage work streams that cut across the organisation

To support internal communications and contribute to an engaged and effective team

To represent Pembroke House at meetings, conferences, and workshops as required

To contribute to external communications, including social media


To prepare agendas for weekly SMT meetings and circulate papers

To support the good governance of trustees’ meetings, including drafting, compiling and circulating papers, taking minutes, and tracking actions

Development and Fundraising

To work with the SMT to coordinate fundraising efforts across Pembroke House

To develop and maintain a clear case for support across Pembroke House activities

To research, identify, and build relationships with potential funders

To work with the SMT and wider staff-team to draft applications, reports, and evaluations


To arrange appointments and meetings for the ED

To track actions at SMT and Trustee meetings, delegate tasks, and follow up on progress as required

To support arrangements for visitors, events, and meetings